Module to plot currentscapes.

As in The main function is based on scripts from the susmentioned article, that are under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication license.


create_figure(voltage, currs, c, ions)

Create the currentscape figure.

plot_currentscape(voltage_data, ...[, ...])

Returns a figure containing current scapes.

currentscape.currentscape.create_figure(voltage, currs, c, ions)[source]

Create the currentscape figure.

  • voltage (list of floats) – voltage data

  • currs (Currents) – object containing currents data

  • c (dict) – config

  • ions (IonConcentrations) – object containing ionic concentration data

currentscape.currentscape.plot_currentscape(voltage_data, currents_data, config, ions_data=None, time=None)[source]

Returns a figure containing current scapes.

  • voltage_data (list) – voltage data

  • currents_data (list of lists) – currents data

  • config (dict or str) – dict or path to json file containing config

  • ions_data (list of lists) – ion concentrations data

  • time (list) – time data